A moment with my cuties… maybe this will be the last photo with them….

The wall of love

*..ഒരു മതിൽ.. *ഒരു വശത്തു ജീവൻ പോലും കൊടുത്ത്‌ സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നൊരാളും മറുവശത്തു മതിലിന് അപ്പുറം സ്നേഹത്തിന്റെ വിലയറിയാതെ താൻ എന്താണ് നഷ്ടപ്പെടുത്തുന്നതെന്നു തിരിച്ചറിയാതൊരാളും… എന്ന് തന്നെ അയാളത് മനസ്സിലാക്കും… ?നല്ലതിനെന്നു കരുതി താൻ ചെയ്യുന്നത് സത്യത്തിൽ എന്താണ് നഷ്ടപ്പെടുത്തുന്നത് എന്ന്….

How is your life…?

It’s as question that many people love to talk. We people had a terrible taste for knowing others my perspective I don’t make questions like this…for me intruding into someone’s life is not a good thing..but some of my teachers has a bad habit of trying to know students personel life..well almost it’s a good thing but in other way it’s making them feel uncomfortable.. If you really want to know them first you should make a friendly relationship with them rather than asking them about their personal life.

Sucking love..

I don’t understand why people celebrating this day..for me it’s a terrible thing to celebrate someone’s death day..Well whatever, my brother has three girlfriends and he is also celebrating this day as lovers day….ha ha ! he is cheating three girls and still celebrating it…God what happened to this boys …

Its getting worse than ever..

I don’t know what to do… I feel awkward….

Why all these things happening to me….

Why all these people following me…

All I wanted is love and love and love..

But when it comes to action… I don’t know, I don’t know what happening in my life….

Oh god please help me from this world.

I don’t want to be loved, I don’t want to live..

All I want is a painless death

Please help me..


I don’t understand why people doing this…in India if someone, especially a girl after 25 who still remain as a single facing lot of troubles.means people wil keep asking qstns about her life.The most terrible disgusting thing is they will never ask you directly, but your parents or your cousins will be the victims.I can’t believe that all these people are so obsessed with this marriage system…for me marriage is a nest or a jail ..if a girl is engaged to someone after her engagement she have to ask for his permission for everything..the fact is that she is not even was just the engagement and she became some employee who asks her boss for permission to do a prgrme.what a shit world is this…where the hell is this people coming from..?

My morning coffee

First of all i wasn’t thinking about this…this blogging stuff. I thought why should i make some bunch of posts and publish it..and wait for people to like..then i realised it’s not about that..when we write something or blogging some notes its makes a little free mind..whatever stress i have..whatever it is i dont care…if i feel bad then all i could do is just blog it….well its not a yoga or smtng..but in this way i love this …well so its like my morning coffee…All i do is take sugar words and put it in a cup and drink..

Past, soul, love

Now i don’t have any feelings for you …..

You are just another day of my past….

When i think about love, I’m only seeing you and your black mask…

Just another shade of darkness with fullmoon…

Moon yes you are, another sparkling king of darkness….

Who says moon makes us romantic…its only happens in your dreams…..

Yes dreams, another world of lies….

A world with full of lies and liers….now i know am not that far….

I may far away away…but my soul will keep looking for you….

In every shadow..In every shade…In every shining stars..

I may far away..but my soul will walk with you…

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