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Learning new things

I learned something new this year. If people do it once, they will do it again.You cannot trust anyone, they will use you like a puppet.they will make you forget your name.There’s no such thing as love,you can’t love a person without loving yourself. I don’t know if it’s wrong or right but I think most men only want sex from women,and they will call it love.

What a cliche 😅

I don’t know what to write..I have nothing in my mind..So i was about to tell my story right.?

Yeah well after two or three months we were like that much close,if someone saw us together they will be like we were in love for that..but when i started to tell him my problems, my family background etc..He was like ohh i didn’t Know that..etc..

Sometimes he consoled me but it wasn’t permanent..when he got a dream about going abroad and almost he did every procedures for that.. After that he started to treat me like you should think about you have to keep a distance from me.. Actually he told me to stay away from him . I didn’t know what to do..I cried and cried..Even i tried to commit suicide but abi(my friend) helped me to get over it .But even after that I wasn’t gonna leave him….


I’m writing my whole life here..not because i want to publish it but bcoz of no one will see this nor read it.. I’m not a big friendly person so i don’t have a lot friends…But which I have is the best

2016 June 13

It was the most wonderful day in my life..Now I’m not sure about that..when libiya told me to meet him i was very angry..I already have a lot going on and i wasn’t ready for a relationship..but she compelled me so at last i said ok..that i will meet him and say hello..So we waited in the church..(Now My favorite place)..

So after waiting for a long time.. there..He wasn’t that much good but more like a OK…😊But I don’t know how my whole body started to sweat..after that we gone for a that we could talk..and on the way i lost my earrings..😑


It’s been three years…

I’m so happy that you are still here…

It’s just to let you know that I’m happy to have you….

Just wanted to make sure that we’re still here….

Like what was….still is…


What is life..?

Have you ever seen a bird trapped in a net..?Well I have seen it. Such thing’s happens in our life too.. I don’t want to explain it but somehow we are all trapped in something..For some people it’s love.. and for some it’s family, friends,job, dreams….etc.. etc..We can’t tell it to anybody because some of us chose it their own..and there is no one to blame. So here is my question..What is life..? I’m not looking for a definition..I just want to know your ideas and your views about life…

For you

Im just making sure that I’m still me.yeah of course you destroyed me,took my best part away,but still its working,i mean “my heart” its still working..if you want to cut it once again please come over here, but make sure that this time you won’t leave me alive. Just kill me thats it..

Permanent recipes

In india its a customery to keep permanent recipes for everything.. Here people dont want to change things or they are not trying to discover something same as their mind also playing this irritating trick of permanence…how can they act like normal when everything falling down.if someone trying to find a way to make this right then he/she will be the most unwanted thing in their system.They will tease you, tolerate you,they will do their best to get you killed.

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