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Fallen petal

I left the place to know
If someone would miss me …

All the love and those sweet moments
I left it all behind …
Just to know if someone would miss me ..

But deep inside I buried the truth that
“no one will miss you dear

You’re just another fallen petal..
You watered your thorns to whelve all the sorrow….”


Yeah.. maybe it’s true .. who would want to hear about the daily shit of a teen girl..

Ielts exam

Well , next Sunday will make some difference in my life or I think like that .. coz I’ve got my speaking test on next Monday . I don’t know if I’m going to do it ok or if I do better I can’t think of any possibilities . All I care about is that day . If i could give my best then i don’t need to wait for the results to come. There may some circumstances but I’m ready to face it.

My last mistake

And here I’m … On the edge of my life .. I’ve lost everyone.everything.. I lost my trust my family , my love and all those things that I thought was real ,but not. I hate me for allowing him to play with my feelings . Two years ago I wrote in this wall about my love and now I’m gonna write it again. I’m gonna spill it everywhere . Now , in this moment I don’t care about any spellings or the mistakes I’m gonna make coz there’s no future left in it, not for me . Well there’s nothing out there to excite me. I’ve seen all the love and hate and I realized the opposite thing of’s not hate it’s the indifference that keeps us away from love. All I did was wrong .. wrong and wrong and wrong… I was about to write a heartbroken poem but look what I did ..some kind of bullshit another mistake or last mistake

I’m looking forward to make some serious decisions . Well in my life everything is pretty serious..ya whatever ,just remember that if someone gives you a flower and tell you a story …Don’t believe them. There’s no such thing as trust. be doubtful to everything and everyone . That’s the only way to live this life happily .

It’s been two days … Well I couldn’t write anything coz I was too busy with my Ielts exam and everything.. whatever , just leave it all behind. I’ve a lot of things to tell..


Last Monday , i went to my grandma’s . And trust me guys ,It was awesome. I spent a lot of time with my grandpa . He’s in his 70’s . The place is full of forest and mountains . I think some of you may know that place . It became very famous now..well I’m not going to show off that name coz I want to keep it as a secret place ,only for me. Coz the mountains and the grass and everything is Soo beautiful . When I returned I could still feel the warm breezes in my face . The love of nature.. wild flowers and glittering water and you know what this water comes from the top of mountain. A walk through these big trees 😍 that’s another thing.


I was just checking my old posts ,. Only then I realized that 😁😁😁I should have done this early . OMG there’s a lot of mistakes . I don’t like re-reading my posts So , when I Finish writing a post , next moment I would post it . I don’t know why, but i dont like reading it again. Anyway , I think I should start doing it .

Learn from your mistakes.😅😅

If I knew this before , I would never have fall in love with you. But , now I can’t even find words to describe my pain. You love to see me suffer, right..? You want me to run after you isn’t it ..? I’m a human being I have my own feelings . Love is just one of them .But , but you made me weak. There’s no Love in your eyes, there’s no affection , you need someone to play with you …. ……..

My YouTube story

Today , I happen to watch one you tube video. (Yeah I’m a daily you give viewer) I still have no idea about the reason but I felt so good about it . Whenever I need some motivation , the only one thing I do in my life is that . Watch some motivational videos on YouTube . So far it really helped me a lot . Apart from the long hours of drama and serials , it’s something I would prefer to everyone . We’re ready to put so much effort in yoga, excercises and everything but finding the real happiness and health is in your mind . Watching some motivational stories can help you a lot.

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