Last week I had a serious surgery. I’ve been suffering from a breast lump and last Friday was the operation . Well after two days rest today I was discharged from hospital. You may wondering why I’m talking about it.. well .. the reason is that , my actual home town is in Muvattupuzha but … More Dissimilarities

In between

Sometimes people think it’s too easy to live here and for some it’s hard but I think I’m in the middle of that . Nowhere near hard and nowhere near that easy. For a long time I was seeking the so-called perfect life but here at this moment I know that happiness isn’t something that … More In between

I’m having suicidal thoughts now. I don’t want to live in this world . Whenever my mom looks at me she had this hate in her eyes and she sees me as her biggest enemy . I don’t understand what did I wrong . There’s no one here that makes me live. I just want … More

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TOI India (@TOIIndiaNews) Tweeted: India to become $5 trillion economy by 2024: Amit Shah https://t.co/UXX8PhlpjX https://twitter.com/TOIIndiaNews/status/1200820582851342336?s=20 Before election – within two years all of the corrupted money from people will return to their accounts . All you need to do is just link your adhar card with bank account . After election – The important … More Tweet from TOI India (@TOIIndiaNews)